Financial Management Tips For Students On Campus

Students in the higher institutions are always whining about being “broke”, “cashless” and the rest. And then, one would wonder what keeps creeping into the pockets and purses and parting with their money.

Leaving without parents and guidance in school may not be easy especially when one is a spendthrift. Few weeks from resumption, accounts are on minus and
debts are increasing.

I bring to you, money management tips you need as a student.

-LEARN HOW TO BUDGET: Put down what you need. If you can do without it, rule it out

-OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT: Trust me, bank
accounts make people save. No one will
ever want his/her bank account to be dry.

-LEARN HOW TO COOK: Eating out takes a lot of money. As a student, you should not lead
an expensive life except of course your parents give you all of all their salaries.

Learning to cook will keep you out of joints and eatries. This is a major way of saving money as a student.

-BUY IN BULK: Buy your ingredients, food stuffs, toiletries, beverages in bulk and you
will definitely have some discount.

Many ventures give discounts to students on presentation of their ID cards. What on earth stops you from carting your ID with you? What stops you from demanding a discount as student?

-BUY SECOND HAND CLOTHES: Don’t crucify me! Yes, you can purchase second-hand
clothes. It does not kill, it’s just being frugal.

When your wardrobe gets drab and you have just little, make use the available. They can be fashionable.

-SELL YOUR HOBBY: If you love washing
clothes (it can be a hobby), let other students pay you to wash their clothes, If you love writing, let them pay you to write, if you love singing, let them pay you to perform at their parties.

-GET SKILLFUL FRIENDS: Your friends should not be totally useless. Have friends that are
skilled in braiding, cutting hair and the rest of them. Complement them, get them to do thing for free.